{Review} Wakakozake

When they say there’s an anime out there for everyone, they certainly mean it. Who are they? I’m not sure. What is it that everyone has? I’m also not sure, but for foodies like me, the slice of life (pun unintended) series Wakakozake exists. Each episodes spans only a few minutes as we watch the main protagonist Murasaki Wakako eating and drinking out on her own after work. She appears to be a food enthusiast who carefully picks her meals and drinks and silently scorns those who do not share her own preferences.

The perfect Wakako eating face

This series, originally a comic that continues to run in Monthly Comic Zenon, also acquired a live action drama that has received great praise. It’s been fascinating to me to see that such a simple concept has grown so popular. It’s likely that Wakako is simply relatable on several levels; she’s a business person who enjoys the simple pleasures of eating and drinking to stave off the stresses of her day.

she drunk, get crunk
A tipsy Wakako

Wakako’s passion for food probably what got me falling so much in love with her. She always has a euphoric response to the combination she consumes. Her love of consumption has me feeling inspired to try all of what she suggests in the series, whether I enjoy what she picks or not. As if not following her advice would mean I’m no more than someone who eats food to survive. This series is easy to get into and out of, simply because of it’s short watch time. It’s charming and simple presentation is hard not to enjoy.


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