{Review} Space Dandy

Something I always get jazzed for in anime is references or spoofs/parodies of other works. Space Dandy is one of the series that does all of the above. Occurring in the same universe as the legendary Cowboy Bebop, this comedic gem is a new masterpiece for the ages.

We follow the main cast of characters throughout their non linear adventures of absurdity. The crew of the Aloha Oe consists of the titular hero Dandy, his outdated robot QT, and Meow who is a cat-like alien. This strange band of alien hunters tries to make it big, chasing down rare aliens to register into the universal database for tons of woolongs (the currency used in this series). Their unusual circumstance tends to cause their efforts to fall short of success, as their stupidity, a galactic federal organization, and pretty girls serving good food get in the way.

Dandy dudes in space
The Aloha Oe Trio. (from left to right: Mymyamo, Dandy, QT)

Something I found incredibly fascinating about Space Dandy was the simultaneous release of the Japanese and English dubs. Each aired on the same day on their respective broadcasting channels, a feature that hasn’t been too widely explored in anime. Though the series’ popularity is stifled compared to that of it’s predecessors Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, its charm is far from different. Creator Shinichiro Watanabe never ceases to amaze with his lovable characters and fascinating, at times thought provoking plots and universes. Space Dandy is an absolute must see for all viewers of anime!

dead bois
You can’t eat brains if you don’t take care of your teeth!

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